• 197 किलो चरस की जब्ती
  • आईसीजी आईसी-114 और एच-197 द्वारा 14.568 किलोग्राम गोल्ड की जब्ती

Seizure of 197 Kg CHARAS

In an intelligence based operation, Indian Coast Guard Hovercraft H-185 and landing party of ICGS Jakhau seized 197 packets of Charas from Kadiyari Bet, Jakhau, Gujarat between 17 Jun 2 to 20 Jul 20. The total value of contraband in international market has been estimated to be Rs. 6.5 Crores.


Seizure of 14.568 Kg Gold by ICG IC-114 and H-197

In a joint operation, ICG and DRI, Tuticorin apprehended one unregistered Fibre Boat alongwith 02 Indian crew (south of Mandapam approx one n mile from land) on 03 Mar 20. During boarding operations, no contraband was found in the boat. However, the boat was returning harbour post fishing without any fish catch and its nets were stowed. The boat and crew were handed over to DRI for investigation. The crew were interrogated by DRI and during investigation crew accepted their involvement in Gold smuggling. Based on the revealed location, diving operation was carried out on 04 Mar 20, wherein 05 packets of Gold weighing approx 3 kg each (Total weight 14.568 kg) were recovered from bottom of the sea.



  • 371.6 किलोग्राम मेथक्वलोन की जब्ती
  • हेरोइन के 194 पैकेट जब्त
  • सी ऑफ श्रीलंका में नारकोटिक्स की जब्ती

Seizure of 371.6 Kg Methaqualone

On 20 Dec 19, in a sea-air coordinated operation ICGS Aruna Asaf Ali apprehended a Myanmarese boat with 06 crew and seized 371.6 Kg banned drug Methaqualone. The value of narcotics in open market is estimated to be Rs. 185 crores. The boat, seized narcotics and crew handed over to NCB for further investigation.


Seizure of 194 Packets of Heroin

In a Joint Operation by Indian Coast Guard and DRI, a Pakistani fishing boat was apprehended by Indian Coast Guard on 21 May 19 with 06 Pakistani nationals and 217.4 Kgs of heroin was recovered from the boat. The total value of contraband in international market has been estimated to be Rs. 1000 Crores.


Seizure of Narcotics at Sea Off Sri Lanka

On 10 Jul 19, based on information from Indian Coast Guard, Sri Lankan Navy has apprehended a fishing boat with approximately 60 Kg of narcotics.


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