Mrs. Sunita Nautiyal
President Tatrakshika Region (West)


It is indeed honour and privilege for me to assume the responsibility as President Tatrakshika Region (West).
CGWWA is like a family. We all are a Team not because we work together but because we respect, trust and care for each other and continue to hear the smallest of the opinion. It is a platform to learn, to share, to help, to improve personal relations and I want all Tatrakshikas should take pride to be a part of it. An English author Aptly sums up three important rules for life:”Never be self-righteous in goodness, self-centred in happiness or selfish in success”. I am sure we all will be benefited by following the above advice.
It shall be the endeavour of “Team Tatrakshika-West” to ensure the overall development of our Coast Guard fraternity and spread the message of love, care and respect for one and all through friendly persuasion.
I convey my greeting to all Tatrakshikas and wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.
Jai Hind


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