Mrs. Nidhi Bargotra
President Tatrakshika (Western Seaboard)


It is both a pleasure and a privilege to convey this message that I consider it a true honour to be a part of Tatrakshika, which continues to grow with time, reaching our CG wives across the spectrum and reflecting their aspirations. It is indeed a great honour for me to assume the responsibility of President Tatrakshika (Western Seaboard).
Tatrakshika symbolizes a unique bond which holds the CG wives together and makes a significant contribution to our community. The commitment and dedication of our ladies have strengthened this bond further over the years. I look forward to interacting with this group and working cooperatively as we move ahead together in our quest to achieve our collective objectives of community welfare and growth.
I have always believed that an empowered woman plays very important role in the development of robust, strong and healthy society. I wish to see every Tatrakshika to be empowered in all possible ways and bring changes in their respective area of influence. It will be my endeavour to connect with every member of Tatrakshika and create an environment where members can express their ideas and suggestions. We have learned to live in any kind of situation that life in the Coast Guard throws at us. For us, home is where the Coast Guard sends us. Let everyone realise that behind every strong man, there is an even stronger brave heart – who is the Tatrakshika.
Jai Hind


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Last updated: 01/07/2022

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