Mrs. Jayanthi Suresh
President Tatrakshika (Western Seaboard)


It is a matter of immense joy and privilege, to take over as the Tatrakshika President (Western Seaboard). I am indeed overwhelmed to see the progress of Tatrakshikas in all facets. I acknowledge and appreciate the initiatives of all my predecessors whose vision and tireless and binding efforts has brought recognition to CGWWA as a humane face of our fraternity. I also express my gratitude to President, Tatrakshika for her continuous support and guidance.
The ever enthusiastic participation of ladies displays the eagerness to work shoulder to shoulder towards the advancement of we the “Tatrakshikas”. CGWWA is the platform for ladies from diverse culture and background to join hands together and head towards a common goal as a team to uphold the value system of our finest service with their innovative ideas, creativity and experience.
The Coast Guard Wives Welfare Association is magnanimously working towards women empowerment, social welfare, community enrichment, health care, education and environment protection through various activities.
I express my greetings and goodwill from the core of my heart to all the Tatrakshikas for their dedicated devotion and wish them all good health and happiness at all times. I urge you to devote selflessly with ancient Vedantic notion of “VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM” and progress the noble work of Tatrakshika to greater heights which gives each one of us inner peace and purpose.


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Last updated: 07/12/2022

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