As we have stepped into New Year with lots of new hopes, wishes, desires and look forward for new goals, I am delighted to wish the CGWWA family a Very Happy & Prosperous New Year 2022. CGWWA is known for its generous contribution, Espirit-de-Corps and enthusiasm. It is incredible that every member voluntarily contributes her precious time, genius and skills for improving the way of life within the Coast Guard community.
CGWWA members have inherited the tradition of taking care of its community with compassion and dedication. Stepping forward let us pass on the torch of legacy by focusing on development & nurturing the natural talent through education, awareness, skill development and promoting self-employment.
Let us work towards overcoming the challenges on the way of creativity, urging all to attain a greater level of excellence and providing ample opportunities. This will lead us in evolving into a matured, confident, and responsible citizens. Continuous efforts through scholastic and other multi-talented activities will help us in providing platter of opportunities for all members which will surely encourage cooperation and entrepreneurship.
The concept of Tatrakshika should be to promote nurturing and empowerment of women by providing wide array of prospects and effort towards the overall upliftment of the community as independent and strong individuals. As a proud shoulder of Armed Force, CGWWA will remain a focal point for philanthropic activities with their inquisitiveness in supporting humanity.
I convey my best wishes to everyone for a very bright and rewarding New Year. I am optimistic that our team will continue their efforts with perseverance and dedication towards achieving our goals and emerge as a strong and vibrant philanthropic organization. Let us rededicate ourselves towards the service of our nation and humanity by providing a platform for those who care to work for the betterment of the community at large.



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Last updated: 29/11/2022

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