" The purpose of training is to tighten the slack, toughen the body and polish the spirit…. It never gets easier, you just get better and better….”



1. Training, built upon the pillars of knowledge, commitment and discipline, forms an indispensable component of military pedagogy, as it moulds the future leaders of the service. Training is the backbone of any Organisation. Better training leads to better processes and more efficient work. In today’s ever-changing and dynamic maritime domains, the importance of training has never been greater. The understanding of ethics, ethos and character, are not relics from the shelves of the classroom, but are the terms and concepts that dwell in the environment of knowledge, trust and commitment. It is within these organizational concepts that foundation is sourced, reinforced and sustained for progression and expansion of the service. The training centre aims to ensure a higher standard of competency so that the trainees can get oriented to common set of knowledge and skills which will ultimately lead to fulfilment of organisational objectives.

2. The Coast Guard Training Centre was established in 2002 and is functioning from the old building of CGDHQ-4. CGTC has been mandated to undertake specialized training for Coast Guard personnel on its statutory Duties and Functions and to train personnel on CG related subjects. The disciplines on which CGTC imparts training are Maritime Law and Law enforcement, Boarding Operations, Maritime Search and Rescue Operations, Preservation & Protection of marine environment and Prevention & Control of Marine Pollution. Over a period of time many new courses for officers, men and personnel from other agencies have been introduced including training of Foreign Coast Guard personnel.

3. The Vision and Mission Statement of this Training Centre are as appended below:-




“The Vision of this Training Centre is to make it an “Institute of Excellence” in the field of Maritime Security, Safety, Marine Environment protection and Coastal Security”




“The Mission of this Training Centre is to conduct professional training for Officers and EPs of Coast Guard and for other similar Organisations/littoral Coast Guards for making them job ready at all levels, to carry out any roles and tasks at all times”

4. The Coast Guard Training Centre since inception has witnessed year on year increasing trends with respect to number of trainees in tandem with the courses undertaken. At present, 550 personnel from Coast Guard and other organisations are being trained in 23 different courses and over 38 courses every year. CGTC (KOC) also caters for maritime training for other Government agencies with marine element like Coastal Marine Police, Indian Reserve Battalion (IRBN), Border Security Force (BSF) water wing, National Academy of Customs, Indirect Taxes and Narcotics (NACEN). Today, having leapfrogged beyond South Asia, the training centre has its alumni in eight countries following the first ever participation of countries from African Region.
5. In the last 17 years, the Training Centre has successfully conducted 423 courses and trained approximately6096 personnel including trainees from ICG, Bangladesh Coast Guard, Sri Lanka and Maldives besides other national agencies. The Coast Guard Training Centre (Kochi) functions under the Command and Control of the District Commander, No.4 Coast Guard District Headquarters, Fort Kochi.


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