Mrs. Sunita Nautiyal
Vice President Tatrakshika


It is indeed a matter of great honour and privilege to assume the office of Vice President Tatrakshika
Being associated with the CGWWA since its formative years, I have seen it growing from a young sapling to a robust tree providing the much valued support, strength and vibrancy to the Coast Guard fraternity.
The CGWWA believes in keeping pace with the changes in social fabric of our society and the advancement of today’s women in all walks of life. Our efforts towards skill development, welfare and rehabilitation of our members thus need to cater for the ‘women of today’.
I believe in teamwork and I am confident that with the proactive involvement of all our members we shall be able to generate new ideas, greater camaraderie and be the driving force that shall enable our organisation to grow from ‘Strength to Strength’.
Let us move ahead as a team to promote prosperity, peace and harmony amongst Coast Guard fraternity.
Jai Hind

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