Mrs. Sunita Nautiyal
President Tatrakshika (Eastern Seaboard)


It is indeed an honour and privilege for me to assume the responsibilities of President Tatrakshika (Eastern Seaboard).
CGWWA has become more inclusive while keeping the pace with the changing profiles and aspiration of the Tatrakshikas.It is my firm belief that, strengthening of the Coast Guard sisterhood to bring together Tatrakshikas from all over the country with vibrant ideas & skills to serve the common purpose i.e. to support our men in uniform, help the families to cope with challenges of the CG life and provide the cohesiveness & happiness amongst the individuals.
It will be my endeavour to bring together our fellow “Tatrakshikas” on Eastern Seaboard in order to usher in vibrancy and forge the friendship that last a life time.
I wish all the members happiness, prosperity, harmony and boundless joy.
God bless; Jai Hind!

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