Mrs. Vidya Sheoran
President Tatrakshika Region (North East)



I take immense pride and pleasure to convey my heartfelt gratitude to all the Tatrakshikas for the support and contribution, which keep us all, bound in a single strand. It is indeed a great honor for me to be at the helm of Tatrakshika (NE)
CGWWA from the very beginning has been characterised by its voluntary nature and the quintessential value addition provided to the efforts of Indian Coast Guard in the areas of Community Welfare and Development, with particular emphasis on families.
We Tatrakshika as women of strength are to provide support by shaping the home front, guiding the children and contributing voluntarily towards the society so that the man of the family could look after the interest of the nation with devout focus. It is my firm belief that strengthening of the social fiber is paramount for the success of any organization, especially in the “Profession of Arms’ where the men & women are faced with the possibility of making the supreme sacrifice.
The coming together of the families is the first and the most important step towards binding the society. CGWWA is one such effort to provide a binding thread to the families to the Coast Guard Community. At Coast Guard Region (NE), we have a vibrant organization, which is voluntary and is doing an amazing job in Community Welfare. I am indeed very proud of the fact that a large number of ladies –both officers’ as well as EP wives – are coming forward and giving back to society which has given all of us so much to be thankful for.
My heartiest felicitations to all the Tatrakshikas for their continued and tireless efforts in bringing the CGWWA to newer heights by their valuable suggestions and wholehearted participation in all the activities.
 Jai Hind!  



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