Mrs. Kavita Harbola
President Tatrakshika Region (North East)


It is indeed a profound privilege and honour for me to assume the noble responsibility of President Tatrakshika (NE). As the country at large is going through a most challenging time, it is important to be safe and cautious for oneself and family.
Over the years CGWWA has progressed in strength and stature to a vibrant and responsive community support system that covers a wide canvas of philanthropic, humanitarian and socially relevant activities not only for the benefit of CG fraternity but the community at large. I heartily acknowledge the foresight and hard work of our predecessors in shaping CGWWA.
This growth must continue with more competence, independence and adaptation of the self with changing times. I urge each Tatrakshika to keep up the drive and determination in fulfilling the onerous responsibility of running this association. Each one’s contributions towards the organisation, apart from hearth and home have for surely been praiseworthy and commendable till date and we wish to forge ahead with the same vigor.
I wish the Coast Guard Wives and Welfare Association, all the very best and success in future endeavors. Dear friends, always remember that, “Strong woman believes in self, reaches her goals, Nothing and Nobody will hold her down, this is HER time to shine.”
Take Care, Stay Safe
Jai Hind





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