Mrs. Nidhi Bargotra
President Tatrakshika Region (East)


It is a moment of honour and privilege to assume the duties of President Tatrakshika (East), the second largest Region of this fine service.
There is neither greater joy nor greater reward than to work for the welfare of your own people. Coast Guard Wives Welfare Association is a core welfare organisation, for the ladies of Coast guard in particular. I am aware of the efforts of CGWWA (East) during Chennai flood relief operations and would like to convey my personal appreciation. The willing contribution of this organisation towards society is praiseworthy and will continue to be unabated in future endeavors.
There is an urge in every human being to help others and do something for the society. This urge becomes stronger as we achieve fulfillment of some of own needs and our outlook for purpose of life becomes clearer. Tatrakshika provides a platform for fulfilling this urge. Utilization of this platform for providing support to our members and other sections of society would remain raison d’etre of all our activities.
I wish you all a very happy and prosperous future.


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