Mrs. Neelima Badola
President Tatrakshika Region (East)


It is an honour and privilege for me to assume the responsibilities of President Tatrakshika, Region (East).
At the outset, I must appreciate the efforts of my predecessors, whose vision and foresight coupled with tireless efforts of all ‘Tatrakshikas’, have resulted in CGWWA becoming a forum for sharing, caring, giving and learning. CGWWA has emerged as an organisation wherein ladies can support each other and nurture their abilities to be self reliant.
I have always felt it as an honour to be part of CGWWA, a vibrant and multifarious organization, and have cherished seeing it growing & evolving over the years.
The role and responsibility of CGWWA has been constantly changing over the years. We have been working undauntedly towards women empowerment, welfare and community support, education, health care, social welfare and environmental conservation. Our constant efforts have ensured that CGWWA is responsive to both social as well as environmental issues. Let us continue our good work cohesively and contribute positively towards shaping not only our organization but our national as well.
CGWWA symbolizes a unique bond which holds Tatrakshika together and makes a significant contribution to our community. The commitment and dedication of our ladies have strengthened this band over the years.
I must appreciate the efforts of all the members who devoted their valuable time to CGWWA activities, as each one of us can bring about positive changes in one’s own sphere.
With humility, I pray to the Almighty to bless entire CGWWA fraternity, with success, happiness and prosperity.

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Last updated: 07/12/2022

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