Fixed Wing (Dornier 228)

Dornier 228 is a twin engine turboprop, highly versatile multi-mission maritime patrol aircraft manufactured by M/s HAL for the Indian Coast Guard. The aircraft is lightweight with wide range of operating speeds and fuel efficient uniqueness. This high winged aircraft is operated by ICG in two variant in 228 – 100 and 228 – 200 series.

The Dornier 228 has quick role changing capability for any of the following roles:-

(a) Maritime Patrol & Surveillance

(b) Marine Pollution Contingency

(c) Search & Rescue

(d) Medical Evacuation

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Rotary Wing (Chetak)

The Chetak (SE 3160 ALOUETTE III) helicopter is a high performance aircraft. It is an improved version of Alouette II, designed and manufacture in France and is now being manufactured under license by M/s HAL Ltd.

The aircraft is utilsed by ICG in the following roles.

(a) Search & Rescue

(b) Causality Evacuation

(c) Pollution Response

(d) Air Crew training and Consolidation

chetak Air Craft

Rotary Wing Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH)

The Advanced Light Helicopter (ALH) also called ‘Dhruv’ is an indigenous built twin engine, light weight, multi role, multi-mission helicopter in the 4-5 ton class. The ALH is powered by two TM 333-2B2 turbomeca engine, each development 801 KW at take off rating.

The aircraft is designed with extensive use of composite materials, crashworthy bottom structure for skid and wheel version. The helicopter can carry troops and can also be utilsed in air ambulance role. The helicopter is capable of carrying external cargo of upto 1500 kg. Dhruv The ICG is utilized in the following roles:-

(a) Causality Evacuation

(b) Search & Rescue

(c) Coastal Security

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