Genesis of CGWWA

CGWWA stands for Coast Guard Wives Welfare Association commonly called 'Tatrakshika'. Tatrakshika is an organisation set up, run and managed by the wives of Coast Guard Personnel. The motto of CGWWA is 'Self Help' and every member voluntarily contributes her time, talent and skills towards improving the quality of life within the Coast Guard community.

The Coast Guard Wives Welfare Association has been active since the inception of Coast Guard in 1977. However it formally came into existance on 29 November, 1994 when it was registered as "Tatrakshika" and promulgated a constitution of its own. Since then CGWWA has grown into a multirole organisation rendering yeoman service to its members.

The CGWWA has an emblem of its own which was designed in 1996. It depicts the faces of three women representing the cohesiveness for working together to improve the quality of life in Indian Coast Guard.


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