Tatrakshak Medal

The TM is awarded for acts of conspicuous gallantry and valuable service characterised by resourcefulness and devotion to duty including prolonged service of ability and merit.

TM (Gallantry)

Sl P.No. Rank Name
(i) 0645-P COMDT Durgesh Chanda Tiwari
(ii) 0853-M COMDT(JG) Anurag Shukla
(iii) 12196-T P/Nvk Rishi
(iv) 12405-T P/Nvk Sultan Singh
(v) 13830-M U/Nvk Mohit Kumar Yadav

TM (Distinguished Service)

Sl P.No. Rank Name
(i) 0248-M IG Anand Prakash Badola, TM
(ii) 0173-Q IG Vasant Manoj Baadkar, TM

TM (Meritorious Service)

Sl P.No. Rank Name
(i) 0298-C DIG Himanshu Nautiyal
(ii) 0224-J DIG Manoj Bhatia
(iii) 0434-L DIG KR Deepak Kumar
(iv) 01566-P P/Adh Sant Lal
(v) 00486-L P/Adh Deobrat Kumar Mishra


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