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Sneha, is a program that works to create a positive & enduring change in the lives of children, families & communities living in abject poverty & undue inequality. It does so by partnering with multiple charitable organization to develop long term sustainable community programs & immediate disaster relief assistance. Generous donations are made to assist these organization to inch closer towards their goals.


Activities Undertaken by Sneha are as Follows : -


ð  Moral values


ð  Giving caring hands to Old Age Homes / Orphanages


ð  Free Medical camps


ð  Providing Educational materials, Encouraging literacy




Team Sneha with children of Desire Society Orphanage

Team Sneha presenting gifts to orphanage


Under the able guidance of President Tatrakshika Mrs Jayanthi Natarajan, Team Sneha visited the Desire Society (orphanage), Sec 92, Noida. On 17 March 2020, to extend care and support to HIV affected children, team sneha distributed sweets, snacks along with Toys and Games.


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Last updated: 29/11/2020

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