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The aim of Suruchi (Welfare) is to bring about financial independence and confidence in ladies by teaching them various skills. Welfare being the focal point for CGWWA, various steps have been taken to bring out as well as inculcate various skills in the ladies. Regular classes and demonstrations such as painting, tailoring, embroidery, beautician, etc. are conducted at CGWWA welfare centres


Activities Undertaken by Suruchi are as Follows: -


ð  Women Empowerment


ð  Professional courses


ð  Workshops on small scale industries


ð  Library


ð  Hobby classes like Block printing, Warli paintings, Madhubani Arts etc


ð  Self Grooming


Demonstration on 'AFRICAN BATIK ART'

Demonstration on 'AFRICAN BATIK ART'


A demonstration on 'AFRICAN BATIK ART' by Mrs Archana Shashi was organised at Arkaja on 18 Jan 2023 . Different artifacts made with African Batik art were described through through PPT.

A demonstration on "Jewellery making"


A demonstration on "Jewellery making" by Mrs Reena Chauhan was conducted in Feb 23 at Arkaja. Different type of earnings using silk thread, quilling, stone, crystal was explained by her .

Demo on "variety of cushion cover with different designs"


A Demo on "variety of cushion cover with different designs" by Mrs Nisha Saini,was conducted at Arkaja on 19 Apr 2023.


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