Assistance to MSV "Safeena" Off Nancowry (A&N)

At about 0415 h on 02 Jan 16, MRCC (A&N) received information from Port Management Board, Port Blair regarding drifting of MSV 'Safeena' with 08 crew onboard.MSV reported loss of rudder and was stranded in position 6 n miles East off Nancowry Island.

On receipt of information, Indian Coast Guard Ship Durgabai Deshmukhon routine surveillance was diverted for assistance. The ship affected RV with MSV 'Safeena',took the dhow (along with 08 crew) under tow at 0730 hrs on 02 Jan 16 and arrived off Nancowry inner harbour at 1144 hrs on 02 Jan 16. The dhow anchored in position 03 n miles Southwest of Morrel Point Light. On completion of handing over formalities, ICG Ship Durgabai Deshmukh resumed area patrol.

Assistance for Missing Pakistan Naval Personnel


At about 2030 hrs on 09 Apr 17, MRCC Mumbai received information from MRCC Karachi regarding missing of Pakistani Speed boat alongwith six crew off Indo-Pak notional IMBL. Immediately, ICGS Ankit on patrol was diverted for SAR. Further, ICGS Samrat and ICGS Arinjay joined the SAR operation AM 10 Apr 17 to augment the efforts. Additionally, one ICG Dornier along with an Advanced Light Helicopter were also tasked to undertake sea air coordinated search. Two Naval ships, one Pak MSA ship, one fixed wing aircraft and one ship borne helo from Pakistan Navy/ MSA were also deployed by Pakistan for undertaking SAR operation within Pakistani waters. Subsequent extensive search operation resulted recovery of five dead bodies and two live PMSA personnel by ICG units and Indian fishing boats and the same were handed over to Pakistan Naval Ship Alamgir.

Assistance to IFB "Urva Sagar"off Mitha Port


On 15 Feb 17, ICGS Meera Behn received information from Fishing Boat 'Urva Sagar' regarding flooding in its engine room. The boat alongwith five crew was reportedly adrift in position 33 n miles Northwest of Mitha Port Light. ICGS Meera Behn undertook de-flooding and provided technical assistance to distressed boat. Subsequently, ICG ship towed the boat to Jakhau and handed over it to another IFB Kulshan Noori, arranged by owner at about 2005 hrs on 15 Feb 17.

Assistance To MFB "Virgin Mary"

At about 1550 hrs on 13 Jan 16, MRCC(MBI) received information from MV "Sima Giselle" regarding wooden fishing boat "Virgin Marry" along with 11 crew onboard. The boat was reportedly drifting in position 107 n miles Southwest off Mumbai for last three days view engine breakdown.

On receipt of information,Coast Guard Dornier aircraft on routine patrol contacted the standard fishing boat and ascertained that the boat had a booster pump failure and required assistance. Aircraft also intimated that M/s ONGC Off Shore Support Vessel (OSV) FOG 10 had rendered assistance to stranded fishing boat by supplying food and water to its crew. MRCC(MB) contacted the owner of the fishing boat to arrange towing ,however the owner expressed his inability to tow the boat for 100 n miles. Subsequently, MRCC(MBI) also requested M/s ONGC to provide towing assistance to the boat by any OSV scheduled to arrive Mumbai from ODA as a good will gesture.

On 18 Jan 16, Indian Coast Guard Ship Agrim on patrol was diverted for assistance of the fishing boat. ICGS Agrim reached datum at 2345 hrs on 18 Jan 16 and took the boat under tow. The boat along with crew were towed till Middle Ground Mumbai and safely handed over to Commissioner of Fisheries (Mumbai) at 1945 hrs on 19 Jan 16.

Assistance To FB "Nixy Mol"

At about 2200 hrs on 06Feb 16, Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Mumbai received information from MRCC Chennai regarding fishing boat 'NixyMol' reported flooding onboard and requiring assistance in position 07 n miles South West of Malvan. Unable to retrieve propulsion from engine due to flooding in engine room.

On receipt of information, ICG Ship C-410 sailed from Goa at 2255 hrs on 06 Feb 16 for rendering assistance to FB 'NixyMol'.C-410 reached datum at 0025 hrs on 07 Feb 16and sighted distressed FB 'NixyMol' with 02 tanks out of 03 tanks filled with water. Engine room compartment filled upto bilge level. Unable to deflood tanks by ships submersible pump View Sea not conducive. C-410 embarked 11 crew onboard ex-FB NixyMol and commence towing at 0110 hrs on 07 Feb 16 towards Mormugaoharbour and arrived MormugaoHarbour along with fishing boat at 0505 hrs on 07 Feb 16. The boat along with crew handed over to local agent arranged by the owner.

Assistance to MFV "Saptagiri"

On 10 Feb 16, Indian Coast Guard Ship Vishwast whilst on routine patrol sighted MFV 'Saptagiri' adrift along with 09 crew in position 86.5 n miles South East of Kakinada Light at 0720 hrs on 10 Feb 16. The boat was adrift due to defective gear box and was unable to communicate with the owner. ICGS Vishwast closed in and boarded the boat to ascertain the defect.A technical team tried to rectify the defect, however, the same could not be undertaken as the gear box of the boat had fully ceased and the boat had nil spares onboard.

The master of the boat then requested ICGS Vishwast to tow the boat till Kakinada. The disabled boat along with 09 crew was taken under tow by ICGS Vishwast at 0915 hrs on 10 Feb 16 and proceeded to Kakinada Anchorage. The disabled boat was handed over to ICGS C-141 in position 09 n miles East of Vakalapudi Light at 0730hrs on 11 Feb 16. Subsequently, ICGS C-141 handed over disabled boat to another fishing boat arranged by owner of the boat and they safely entered Kakinada fishing harbour.

Fire Fighting Onboard MSC Daniela off Colombo


During the visit at Colombo (Sri Lanka), ICGS Shoor assisted in extinguish fire on board MV ‘MSC Daniela’ off Colombo. At about 2245 hrs on 04 Apr 17, ICGS Shoor arrived in the position of the vessel and carried out fire fighting operations. The fire onboard MSC Daniela was extinguished at about 2130 hrs on 05 Apr 17. Subsequently, ICGS Shoor was detached from the fire fighting effort and entered Colombo AM 06 Apr 17. All crew of MSC Daniela were reported safe.

Flooding Onboard FB "Madhav Krushna"

At about 1900 hrs on 19 Mar 16, ICG Ship Arinjay intercepted a distress call on VHF from fishing boat 'MadhavKrushna'. The boat in position 62 n miles West from Okha reported flooding in engine room and requested immediate assistance.

Flooding Onboard FB "Madhav Krushna"


On receipt of the information, ICG Ship Arinjay in area proceed with maximum speed to render assistance to fishing boat. ICG Ship Arinjay arrived datum at 2045 hrs and observed heavy flooding in fishing boat. All 05 crew were rescued and taken onboard. The fishing boat was taken alongside and all efforts were made for de-flooding, however, continuous flooding since afternoon and excessive ingress of water resulted in sinking of the boat in position at 2205 hrs on 19 Mar 16. All survivors were subsequently transferred to ICG Ship MeeraBehn for onward passage to Okha. At 1300hrs on 20 Mar 16 rescued fisherman were handed over to Assistant Director Fisheries, Okha.

Assistance to Sinking MSV "Selvamatha"

At about 0210 hrs on 19 Mar 16, Coast Guard Headquarters received a telephonic call from 'MV Hafnia Asia' regardingMotorized Sailing Vessel (MSV)Selvamatha'. The master intimated that the MSVin distress was reportedly sinking in position 70 n miles West of Beypore Light.

Assistance to Sinking MSV "Selvamatha"


The information was relayed to MRCC Mumbai which immediately contacted MV Hafnia Asia and diverted it to provide assistance to distressed MSV Selvamatha. Indian Coast Guard Ship Abhinav was also diverted towards the datum for rescue operation. In addition International Sefety Net (ISN) was activated by MRCC Mumbai to keep the merchant traffic clear of the area.

At 0315 hrs on 19 Mar 16 MV Hafnia Asia arrived datum and sighted all 08 survivors of MSV Selvamatha in water and were subsequently rescued by the vessel. ICG Ship Abhinav effected RV with MV Hafnia Asia at 0630 hrs on 19 Mar 16 andtook over all 08 rescued crew. MV Hafnia Asia resumed passage to Fujairah at 0730 hrs on 19 Mar 16.

Sea-air coordinated search by ICG Ship Abhinav and Coast Guard Dornier Aircraft was undertaken to search for floating debris. Five sealed cartoons were found floating within 03 n miles to datum. ICG Ship departed area and entered Kochi at 2100 hrs on 19 Mar 16 and handed over all 08 crew to Marine Police, Fort Kochi at 2200 hrs on 19 Mar 16.

Assistance to FB "Mahez"off Ratnagiri

At about 1130hrs on 21 Mar 16, Coast Guard Dornier Aircraft CG-764 on task picked up a Very High Frequency (VHF)CH-16 distress call in position 26 n miles Northwest of Ratnagiri Light. CG-764 passed the information through INMARSAT to Ops Centre, ICG Station Ratnagiri that one fibre boat was being towed by two boats SriGajana and Chakravarthy-6. The information was relayed to Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre Mumbai.

On receipt of the information, following initiated:

(a) Indian Coast Guard Ship C-402 sailed from Ratnagiri at 1300 hrs on 21 Mar 16 for rendering necessary assistance.

(b) International Safety Net (ISN) was activated by MRCC Mumbai for alerting mariners in area.

(c) C-402 reached datum at 1500 hrs on 21 Mar 16 and ascertained that fishing boat MFB Mahez with 1500 kgs fish catch was in distress view flooding onboard. The distress message was relayed by 'MFB DurgaAmbika'.

(d) C-402 lowered the Gemini to access the situation and observed excessive flooding in the engine room.

(e) Boarding party Ex-ICGS C-402 embarked onboard distressed fishing boat 'MFB Mahez' and de-flooding was carried out using submersible pump through ship's power supply.

(f) All 07 crew of the distressed boat were taken onboard ICG Ship C-402.

(g) Post de-flooding C-402 towed the distressed boat 'MFB Mahez' towards Ratnagiri view non operational engine and Diesel Alternator (DA) of MFB and continuous flooding onboard the fishing boat.

(h) ICG Ship C-402 along with rescued crew and distressed fishing boat safely reached Bhagvati Port, Ratnagiri and handed over them to Marine Police, Ratnagiri at 1815 hrs on 21 Mar 16.


ICG Ship Rajshree continued to remain in area till main engine of disabled ship was started.Ship's main engine were started at 1330 hrs and subsequently the vessel safely departed area at 1440 hrs on 09 Mar 16 to its next port of call, Chittagong.

Assistance for Disabled Vallam "Benitta"off Mandapam

At 1900 hrs on 19 Apr 16, Indian Coast Guard Station Tuticorin received information regarding disabled vallam with 06 crew onboard, anchored in position 15.5 n miles Southwest of Mandapam Light due to engine failure.The boat ventured into sea from Therespuram (Tuticorin) on 15 Apr 16 and was expected to return on 18 Apr 16.

Assistance for Disabled Vallam "Benitta"off Mandapam


On receipt of the information, Indian Coast Guard Ship Abhiraj on patrol was diverted at 1900 hrs on 19 Apr 16 to render assistance. ICG Ship Abhiraj arrived datum at 2100 hrs on 19 Apr 16 and located the boat at 0750 hrs on 20 Apr 16. Efforts to repair the engine by ship’s staff were futile, thus ICG Ship Abhiraj towed the fishing vallam ‘Benitta’ with 06 crew uptoTuticorin fairway buoy. The vallam with all 06 crew have been handed over to Fisheries Department, Tuticorin at 1610 hrs on 20 Apr 16.

Assistance to Tug "Orion Dhanashree"

At about 0400 hrs on 18 May 16, Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Chennai received distress call of Tug Orion Dhanashree through Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS) Chennai intimating flooding onboard. The tug was towing light jack barge and was drifting in position 24 n miles Southeast of Chennai harbour due to flooding in Aft Steering Position (ASP) causing complete loss of steerage way. Despite best efforts of the crew, ingress of water could not be arrested and requested immediate towing assistance.

The tug had departed Vizag on 14 May 16 with 11 crew onboard and was scheduled to reach Mumbai on 02 Jun 16. Details of the tug are as follows:

(a) Name : Tug Orion Dhanashree

(b) Owner: Capt MB Ajgaonkar

(c) Flag: India

(d) IMO: 9121821

(e) MMSI: 419584000

(f) Call Sign: AULO

(g) Crew: 11

(h) Agent: M/s Orion Offshore Services

(j) LPC/NPC: Vizag / Mumbai

(k) Weather in area: Sea state- 4-5, Wind- Cyclonic 30-35 KT, Swell- 3-4 Mtr

On receipt of the information, ISN was activated by MRCC (Chennai). MV Mearsk Brooklyn responded and was directed to remain in area till arrival of Coast Guard ship. ICG Ship Varad was sailed from Chennai at 0700 hrs on 18 May 16 for rendering assistance. ICG Ship arrived datum at 1020 hrs on 18 May 16 and reported that tug's Aft Steering Position (ASP) was completely flooded. Post assessing the situation, ICG Ship Varad took the disabled tug along with barge under tow at 1201 hrs on 18 May 16 and arrived off Chennai fairway buoy at 2110 hrs on 18 May 16. Thereafter disabled tug was handed over to local agent.

Rescue of Crew from Grounded Barge" MV PRIYA"


At about 1840 hrs on 04 Feb 17, Indian Coast Guard Ship C-408 whilst on night patrol received a distress call from barge 'MV Priya' ex- M/s Jakhau Salt. The barge with 08 crew onboard reported flooding onboard and sinking in position 3.8 n miles South West of Mitha Port light (Jakhau) due to ingress of sea water in engine room and storage compartment view high swell and rough sea. The details of the barge are as follows:- -

(a) Vessel Name: MV Priya
(b) Type: Barge
(c) Regn No. : PNJ-501
(d) Cargo: Approx 1800 Tons salt
(e) Crew: 08 (All Indian)

On receipt of information, the ICG Ship proceeded to render assistance to the distressed barge. On arrival, it was observed that the barge was submerged till bridge level and was listing heavily to Port side. The fore and aft part of the barge was above water level and the crew were awaiting assistance.

The ICG Ship could not approach the barge due to adverse sea conditions and inclement weather prevailing in area. To ensure safe and timely evacuation, the ship directed the barge crew to lower the barge 'life raft'. The crew disembarked on the life raft and were quickly recovered by the ICG Ship. 02 out of 08 crew had sustained minor injuries and were provided with First aid onboard the ship. The ship entered Jakhau port and safely handed over the rescued crew to rep of M/s Jakhau Salt at 2200 hrs on 04 Feb 17.

Assistance to Vessels inside the Jawahar Dock, Chennai Harbour


Landfall at Chennai by very severe cyclonic storm ‘Vardah’ on 12 Dec 16 resulted in cyclonic wind conditions at Chennai harbour. Due to the severe weather conditions and strong winds, berthing hawsers of the ships berthed inside Jawahar Dock parted. Chennai Port Trust dispatched two tugs for assistance, but was restricted in providing additional manpower for berthing assistance and rope handling. Ships with parted berthing hawsers not only posed danger of damage to self, but also jeopardized the safety of other ships inside the dock. Considering the criticality of the situation, Berthing team Ex–Indian Coast Guard Ship (ICGS) Varad was immediately dispatched to assist Chennai Port Trust tugs and the following distressed vessels at Jawahar Dock Chennai were safely berthed/ secured alongside with the assistance of ICG team:-

(a) MV Akbar

(b) DCI Dredger ‘Kaveri’

(c) DCI Dredger ‘BH1’

(d) Decommissioned Naval Submarine' Vagli'

(e) Port Craft including Pilot Vessels

Assistance to Overdue Fishing Dinghy-Off Port Blair


At about 1410 hrs on 30 Sep 16, MRCC Port Blair received information from Assistant Director Fisheries, South Andaman, Port Blair regarding missing fishing dinghy along with 02 crew since 29 Sep 16. On receipt of information, ICGS Kanaklata Barua was deployed from Mayabunder for search on 30 Sep 16. In addition, Coast Guard Helo (CG-802) was launched from 1530-1700 hrs on 30 Sep 16. However, missing dinghy was not sighted. Coast Guard helo (CG-802) was again launched at 0700 hrs on 01 Oct 16 and located the overdue dinghy in position 12 n miles North West of North Point Lt. Both crew were winched up by the CG helo and brought to Port Blair. The fishing dinghy was towed back to Wandoor by another boat, arranged by owner.

Assistance to FB "MV Powmay"

At about 1200hrs on 20Apr16, Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) Port Blair received message from Port Management Board, Port Blair regarding fishing boat ‘MV Powmay’ along with 07 crew adrift in position 03 n miles Southwest of Barren Island due to engine failure. The fishing boat departed Mayabunder for fishing on 17 Apr 16.

On receipt of the information, Indian Coast Guard Ship C-416 was sailed at 1230 hrs from Mayabunder to render assistance. ICG Ship C- 416 located the fishing boat anchored in position 02 n miles South of Barren Island. The ship’s technical team embarked the fishing boat and tried to rectify the defect which did not fructify. Thereafter, ICGS C-416 commenced towing the fishing boat towards Mayabunder. ICG Ship C-416 and towed fishing boat MV Powmay along with 07 crew entered Mayabunder AM 21 Apr 16 and the boat was handed over to Fisheries Department, Mayabunder.


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