Mrs. Anju Sharma
President Tatrakshika Region (A & N)


It is my Honour and Privilege to assume the responsibilities of Regional President Tatrakshika (A&N).
Over the years, we have nurtured and evolved this organisation which has shaped and refined the personalities of Ladies who come from diverse Educational, Social and Financial backgrounds. It is a platform that gives multitude of opportunities to the Ladies to showcase their talents and skills, which otherwise remain unexplored. Coast Guard Wives Welfare Association is an Organisation always available for the welfare of our families and looking after their needs. Through this organisation, I have been able to reach out to numerous talented women, who are the pillars of support to the Coast Guard families. Tatrakshika has been a ray of hope to not only the Coast Guard families but also in reaching out to the ones in need through its numerous Community Outreach Programmes.
CGWWA is committed to nurturing the talents of its members, thereby creating an atmosphere of both learning and earning opportunities for its beneficiaries. Despite being at distant location, Tatrakshikas in A&N have strived hard to prove their mettle in accomplishing the goal of promoting self reliance and quintessential value addition in the areas of Welfare and Development.
I convey my warm greetings to all Tatrakshikas and appreciate their sustained efforts towards promoting the goals of this selfless voluntary Organisation. I look forward to the whole hearted cooperation and continued support of CGWWA fraternity of these pristine Isles in carrying forward the legacy of our vibrant and blossoming Organisation.



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Last updated: 07/12/2022

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