Mrs. Jayanti Suresh
President Tatrakshika Region (A & N)


I take this opportunity to convey my sincere gratitude to all the Tatraskhikas for the support they have extended from time to time. It is indeed a great honour and pleasure for me to be at the helm of Tatrakshika (A&N.
In these islands, despite limitations, our efforts should always be to keep up with the changing world. Our government is working tirelessly for building this nation to perfection. With focus on providing opportunities and increasing technology, changes are being brought into our lives. It calls for all of us to contribute our bit to evolve India into a better nation. Ladies and our children are one of the key movers and CGWWA links these individuals for growth of our society.
This region has always been special because of the Combined Defence Command and therefore it becomes our responsibility to keep the flag of Coast Guard held high at all times. Here my endeavor will be to continue to keep our Tatrakshikas tied into a single knot, ensure that their morale always remains high and our contribution to the society are in line with the vision of our leaders.
Hail Tatrakshikas Unity
Jai Hind


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