Mrs Dipa Pal
President Tatrakshika 



          I am humbled and honored to assume the charge as President Tatrakshika. It is with great enthusiasm and a sense of responsibility that I step into this position to serve and support the dedicated families who stand behind our brave & fearless Coast Guard personnel. I have always felt it as an honour to be part of CGWWA, a vibrant and multifarious organization, and have cherished seeing it growing & evolving over the years.

        At the outset, I must appreciate the efforts of my predecessors, whose vision and foresight coupled with tireless efforts of all ‘Tatrakshika’, have resulted in CGWWA becoming a forum for sharing, caring, giving and learning. CGWWA has emerged as an organisation wherein ladies can support each other and nurture their abilities to be self-reliant.

       As I begin this new journey as President, I am filled with a strong determination to build upon the existing foundation and enhance the welfare programs and support initiatives for our members. Our primary focus will be on providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for all Coast Guard families, ensuring that they feel valued, cared for, and empowered.

       The role and responsibility of CGWWA has been constantly changing over the years. Over endeavour, therefore, should be to keep abreast with the changes in our society and tailor our welfare activities as per the growing needs of the community. As we know that CGWWA symbolizes a unique bond which holds Tatrakshika together and makes a significant contribution to our community. The commitment and dedication of our ladies have strengthened this band over the years.

       We have been working undauntedly towards women empowerment, welfare and community support, education, health care, social welfare and environmental conservation. Our constant efforts have ensured that CGWWA is responsive to both social as well as environmental issues. Let us continue our good work cohesively and contribute positively towards shaping not only our organization but our national as well.

       Together, we shall endeavor to strengthen the bonds between families, fostering a sense of community and solidarity. We will work diligently to create avenues for professional and personal growth, ensuring that our members have access to resources and opportunities that enrich their lives.

       In the coming days, we will be rolling out new initiatives, organizing events, and conducting workshops that aim to support our members holistically. Whether it's promoting health and wellness, educational opportunities, or creating avenues for social engagement, we will strive to address the diverse needs of our members.Furthermore, I encourage each and every Tatrakshika to share their ideas, concerns, and aspirations freely to make our vision a reality. Together, we can bring about positive changes and build a supportive environment that allows every member of our Coast Guard family to thrive.

       The strength of Coast Guard wives welfare association lies in the unity of its members. Together, we can overcome any challenge and achieve remarkable accomplishments. I appreciate the efforts of all the members who devoted their valuable time to CGWWA activities, as each one of us can bring about positive changes in one’s own sphere. I have full faith in our collective spirit, and I look forward to embarking on this journey of service and compassion with all of you to make a positive difference in the lives of our Coast Guard families.

       With humility, I pray to the Almighty to bless entire CGWWA fraternity, with success, happiness prosperity.

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