Mrs Priya Paramesh
President Tatrakshika Region (West)


It is a moment of great honour and privilege for me to assume the responsibility of President Tatrakshika, Region (West). I take this opportunity to convey my sincere thanks to the CGWWA fraternity of Western Region for continued and unstinted support.
With the pace of time, role and responsibility of CGWWA has increased manifold. The Organisation has grown Omni directionally and has contributed benevolently outside the CG fraternity too. This has become possible only with tireless efforts and zeal of our predecessors.
Today, we are in a comfort zone where all amenities and resources are available at our door step. As a team we all have to walk, work and progress together in all spheres of life towards the welfare of all Tatrakshikas and the populace at large. I am of the firm believe and faith, that Tatrakshikas of Western Region will contribute their best in the progress and upliftment of all women.
I convey my greetings to all Tatrakshikas and wish them good health and happiness in future endeavours.



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Last updated: 10/08/2022

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