Overseas Deployment


Indian Coast Guard ships have been visiting various international ports over the past several years for mutual interactions and joint exercises to enhance the bilateral cooperation in the field of maritime search and rescue, marine oil spill response and combating crimes at sea, etc. The details of the visits undertaken are as follows:-

Overseas Deployment
28-30 Jan15 ICGS Vaibhav   Sri Lanka Trincomalee
31 Jan - 02 Feb 15 Colombo
04-07 Feb 15 ICGS Vishwast Malaysia Port Kelang
10-13 Feb 15  Myanmar Yangoon
26 Mar 15 - 01 Apr 15 ICGS Sangram Maldives Male and Gan
27-30 Jul 15 ICGS Sarang   Singapore Singapore
05-09 Aug 15 Hong Kong Hong Kong
14-18 Aug 15 Korea Busan
26-30 Aug 15 Vietnam Ho Chi Minh
21-25 Oct 15 ICGS Samrat Indonesia Makassar
02-05 Nov 15 Thailand Bangkok
07-10 Nov 15 Cambodia Sihanoukville
12-15 Nov 15 Malaysia Kuantan (Tanjong Gelang)

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