International Operations

India has acceded to various International Conventions dealing with Maritime Safety and Security, Search and Rescue and marine environment protection. It is, therefore, incumbent on the ICG to work towards making the seas safe, secure and clean in accordance with the international frame-work. The presence of ICG ships on regular patrol in the Sea Lines of Communication (SLOCs) and visits to foreign ports in India’s vicinity and beyond, is important to develop and strengthen cooperation with regional countries and other stake holder nations on matters related to SAR, pollution response and other CG related activities. The overseas deployment of Indian Coast Guard ships has helped in global recognition of the organization as a major maritime law enforcement agency and enhanced working-level relationships with similar agencies of other nations. In compliance with IMO guidelines and the SAR Convention of 1979, the Indian Coast Guard has taken initiatives to develop professional relationships in SAR cooperation with various IOR nations.

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Last updated: 24/04/2024

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