Charter of Duties


Under the Suruchiwing, courses of short and long term, vocational or hobby courses are conducted. Libraries and beauty parlour at CG residential areas run under Suruchi. These courses are also open to the wives of Coast Guard Civilians employed by ICG.

Suruchi vocational or hobby


Under Saksharta, classes of literacy, investment awareness programme, etc are conducted throughout the year. CGWWA encourages and acknowledges children who perform exceptionally well in senior classes.


Under Sanjeevanwing, various types of health camps, lecture on various health related topics, yoga, meditation, stress management programs are conducted.



Suraksha establishes the first contact with a widow, providing moral support as well as immediate financial assistance to help her manage the trauma. Regular contact is maintained and all necessary organizational assistance is provided to help rehabilitate her. CGWWA also gives financial aid by way of a yearly education grant to the children of all deceased personnel.


Children form a very important part of the family as the community. Therefore CGWWA is directly concerned with their growth and well being. CGWWA essentially forms part of the Management Committee of all the schools run by Coast Guard.



The Snehawing helps in reaching aid to those less fortunate and also in lending a hand in times of crisis. The association interacts with many charitable organisations to help the needy and the underprivileged. Regular in house donations of food, clothes, blankets, shoes, books and educational material are made.


The Sanchar (Communication) teams of all regions work tirelessly throughout the year to bring out quarterly newsletters, annual magazine URMI, etc. The annual magazine 'URMI' is compiled by the Sanchar team of the Northern Region for which articles, stories, poems, photographs etc. are selected from all the regions by their respective Sanchar teams. The editorial team in the Northern Region selects, shortlists, edits and compiles the articles and photographs to finally bring out the 'URMI'.



The Shristiwing is concerned with various programs/events/initiatives and lectures associated with conservation of environment and natural surroundings. It includes various tree plantation drives, creating best out of waste, gardening activities, bird nest making, newspaper recycling etc.




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