1. Introduction.  Towards ongoing efforts of the Government for the ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ and Hon’ble Prime Minister’s appeal for mass cleanliness and sanitation campaign through “Swachhta Hi Seva”; the Indian Coast Guard conducted International Coastal Cleanup day-2017 (ICC-2017) in all Coastal States /Union Territories on 16 Sep 2017. Coast Guard Headquarters, New Delhi along with volunteers undertook Yamuna Cleanup drive at Geeta Ghat, Delhi to commemorate “Swachhta Hi Seva” on 16 Sep 17. The International Coastal Cleanup day is conducted in various parts of the world in third week of September every year under the aegis of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and South Asia Co-operative Environment Programme (SACEP) in the South Asian Region. The Indian Coast Guard has been coordinating this activity in India since 2006. A brief on the conduct of the event is appended in the succeeding paragraphs.

2. Participation.   This year, Maharashtra has witnessed the highest participation of 6,320 volunteers, followed by Karnataka which had 5000 volunteers. Nationwide, a total of 25,602 volunteers participated in the ICC-2017 campaign. Various Govt. and civil agencies including NCC cadets, NSS, school and college students formed the largest proportion of volunteers alongwith ICG personnel.    

3. Debris Collection.  The nationwide campaign resulted in the collection of approx 81,335 Kgs of marine litter. Debris collection was highest in Tamil Nadu with approx 15,400 kgs and in Maharashtra was approx 13,300 kgs.     

4. Civil support.  Apart from participation of Indian Coast Guard, ICC-2017 received good support from various civil authorities, Central and State government organisations, Municipal Corporations, NGOs, fisheries associations, ports, oil agencies, Colleges/School children, NCC cadets and other private enterprises. Chief Guests for ICC-2017 included Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor, Member of Parliament, Chairman Port Trust and Collector/Dy Collector in smaller locations.

   5. The state wise participation and debris collection is as tabulated below:-                           

Sl. State/UT No. of Participants Debris Collected (KG)
(a) Delhi 650 1,000
(b) Gujarat 1,971 11,630
(c) Daman 700 12,000
(d) Maharashtra 6,320 13,300
(e) Goa 880 1,350
(f) Karnataka 5,000 10,500
(g) Kerala 430 460
(h) L&M Islands 719 1,950
(j) Puducherry 1,292 2,545
(k) Tamil Nadu 2,840 15,400
(l) Andhra Pradesh 1,000 4,000
(m) Odisha 466 165
(n) West Bengal 753 1,405
(p) A&N Islands 1,581 5,630
  Total 25,602 81,335


          Yamuna Cleanup Drive, Delhi                                            Yamuna Cleanup Drive, Delhi



          ICGS Jakhau, Gujarat                                                         ICGS Mundra, Gujarat



          ICGS Okha, Gujarat                                                            ICGS Vadinar, Gujarat



          ICGS Porbandar, Gujarat                                                    ICGS Pipavav, Gujarat



          ICGS Daman, Daman                                                          ICGS Dahanu, Maharashtra



          Juhu Beach, Mumbai                                                          ICGS Ratnagiri, Maharashtra



          ICGS Goa, Goa                                                                    ICGS Beypore, Kerala



          ICGS Kochi, Kerala                                                             ICGS Vizhinjam, Kerala



          ICGS Kavaratti, Kavaratti                                                   Lakshadweep Island



          ICGS Minicoy, Minicoy                                                       ICGS Androth, Androth



          ICGS Tuticorin, Tamilnadu                                                 ICGS Mandapam, Tamilnadu



          ICGS Puducherry, Puducherry                                          ICGS Chennai, Tamil Nadu



          ICGS Krishnapatnam, Tamil Nadu                                     ICGS Vizag, Andhra Pradesh



          ICGS Frazerganj, West Bengal                                          ICGS Haldia, West Bengal



          ICGS Kolkata, West Bengal                                               ICGS Paradip, Odisha



          ICGS Mayabunder, A&N Islands                                        ICGS Hutbay, A&N Islands



          CGWWA Hutbay, A&N Islands                                     



Indian Coast Guard (ICG) is celebrating its 40th raising day in 2017. As part of its awareness programme towards Marine Environment, ICG undertook a special Coastal Cleanup Programme across all nine Coastal States and four Union Territories on 04 Feb 17.

Coast Guard being the Central Coordinating Authority for marine pollution undertakes such drives to generate awareness amongst the masses. ICG has been regularly conducting coastal cleanup from time to time since its inception. The State Administration, college/ school children and various volunteer organizations have been supporting Indian Coast Guard in this noble drive over the years

Further, ICG has been appealing from time to time, to all the stakeholders of marine environment especially ports and oil handling/ exploration agencies to also undertake cleanup in their area of operations so as to preserve the marine environment.

During the special drive on 04 Feb 17, an overwhelming support was provided to the Indian Coast Guard by the State Administration, Ports, Oil Handling Agencies, College/ School children in all the Coastal States and Union Territories

Further, Indian Coast Guard has also been coordinating International coastal Cleanup day in India, which is conducted in various parts of the worlds in Sep every year under the aegis of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and under the aegis of South Asian Cooperative Environment Programme (SACEP) in South Asian Region. During the last International Coastal cleanup programme in Sep 2016, Indian Coast Guard launched ‘Swachh Sagar Abhiyan’ taking the Govt. of India drive of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ to Maritime Zone of India.

A total of 5,167 personnel participated in the drive and collected 21,350 kgs marine litter.


    Niko,Gujarat                                                                             Hazira,Gujarat


         Okha, Gujarat                                                                 Veraval, Gujarat


           Devka Beach, Daman                                                        Dadar, Mumbai



        Goa                                                                                            New Mangalore, Karnataka



               Rat nagiri, Maharashtra                                                            Kochi, Kerala



                      Kav aratti, Lakshadweep                                                  Andhroth, Lakshadweep



                                   HOEC, Chennai                                                   Mandapam, Tamilnadu



        Gan dhi Beach, Puduchery                                                          Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh



        Gan gavaram Port, Andhra Pradesh                                      Rushi Konda Beach, Vizag



        Fra zerganj, West Bengal                                                               Haldia, West Bengal



        Por t Blair, Andaman & Nicobar                                                      Hutbay, Andaman & Nicobar








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