Anti Smuggling and Narcotics Control (AS&NC)


The interim Indian Coast Guard (ICG) came into being on 01 February 1977, equipped with two small corvettes and five patrol boats transferred from the Indian Navy. The duties and functions of the service were formally defined in the Coast Guard Act, which was passed by India's parliament on 18 August 1978. One of the primary duties of the Indian Coast Guard is to assist the Customs and other authorities in Anti-Smuggling operations.In order to strengthen the capabilities of the Service with regards to this duty, the Govt of India sanctioned the merger of Customs Marine Organization under Department of Revenue with the Indian Coast Guard.

The Customs Marine Organization was merged into the main stream of the Indian Coast Guard on 21 January 1982 and functioned under the Directorate of Operations. The Directorate of Anti Smuggling and Narcotics Control (AS&NC) commenced functioning as an independent Directorate with effect from 01 Nov 2004.


The charter of the Indian Coast Guard as far as AS&NC is concerned, is to assist the Customs in curbing the supply of contraband through sea routes. In meeting this challenge, the Indian Coast Guard coordinates closely with other central and state law enforcement / intelligence agencies to disrupt and deter the menace of smuggling.

Contraband Confiscated

The Indian Coast Guard since its inception has confiscated various contraband valued at about Rs. 1120.314 Cr.

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