S.No.Tender No.TitleDate of openingDate of closingDownload
1RTG/MSO/307NC3I/18-19Invitation of Bids for shifting NC3I System15/10/201830/10/2018 View
2RTG/IT/17/18-19Invitation of Bids for Installation and Fitment of LAN08/10/201825/10/2018 View
3RTG/MW/20/18-19Invitation of Bids for Procurement of Optical the Odolite with accessories10/10/201822/10/2018 View
4NPM/RFP/MS/02/18-19Invitation of Bids for LP of Fresh Ration08/10/201829/10/2018 View
5449/03/Tech/AIAMC/18-19Invitation of Bids for AIAMC 2018-19 for Ground Support Equipment01/10/201830/10/2018 View
63417/3 Invitation of Bids for Short Refit(SR-19) of ICGS Meera Behn12/10/201805/11/2018 View
73462/3 Invitation of Bids for Under Water and Yearly/Two Yearly/Five Yearly Water Jet Routines08/10/201830/10/2018 View
8AA/0850/TEHHCorringendum - RFI Twin Engine Helicopters08/10/201831/10/2018 View
9D-3/STORE/39/18-19Invitation of Bid for Annual Rate Contract for Supply of Provisions05/10/201825/10/2018 View
10CGHQ/IT/PARAM/2018-19Invitation of Bids for Design,Development,Implementation and support for PARAM04/10/201825/10/2018 View
11CGHQ/TE/NS/5892/18-19Invitation of Bids for Supply of General Service Life Jackets17/09/201822/10/2018 View
12 219/IT/TE/AIAMC/18-19 Invitation of Bids for All Inclusive Annual Maintenance Contract of Computers14/09/201811/12/2018 View
13438/LP/032/18-19Invitation of Bids for Conservancy Services13/09/201811/12/2018 View
14CP/0277/8Invitation of Bids for Outsourcing of Clerical Staff and Supporting Staff06/09/201805/12/2018 View
15CGHQ/LS/4753/RC/2018-19Invitation of Bids for Rate Contract for Hiring of Transport16/08/201829/03/2019 View
16CGHQ/LUB/ARC/02/20/18-19Rate contracts for procurement of Shell Rimula R4X 15W 4024/04/201801/04/2021 View
17CGHQ/LUB/ARC/01/20/18-19Rate contracts for procurement of Lube Oils Gadinia 40 24/04/201801/04/2021 View
18CGHQ/LUB/ARC/09 /2016-17Rate Contract for Shell Sirius X SAE 4021/09/201620/09/2019 View
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