S.No.Tender No.TitleDate of openingDate of closingDownload
1DHQ-6/RFP/LP/16/17-18Invitation of Bids for Repair of Staff Pilot Porta Cabin 17/11/201707/12/2017 View
2D-1/CF/438/57/16-17 Invitation of Bids for Outsourcing of clerical services by hiring of: 10 Office Assistants17/11/201708/12/2017 View
3427/6/18-17 Invitation of Bids for Outsourcing of Data Entry Operatot, Carpenter, Packer and Casual Lab09/11/201707/12/2017 View
4DHQ/449/13/02/18-17 Invitation of Bids for Outsourcing of Conservancy services for CG Assets.14/11/201723/11/2017 View
5DHQ/449/13/01/18-17Invitation of Bids for Outsourcing of Catering and Maintenanc service14/11/201723/11/2017 View
63492EOI/Comments & Queries- Annual Under Water & Jet Routine of ICGS C-41917/11/201709/12/2017 View
73469/2EOI/Comments and Queries-Annual Under water Routine of 06 L&T IBs06/11/201728/11/2017 View
8CGSKKL/TE /PS-01 /17-18Invitation of Bids for Outsourcing of Private Security Services at Coast guard Station Kara29/10/201721/12/2017 View
9AQ/0552/08 FPVsRequest for Information (RFI) for Acquisition of 08 Fast Patrol Vessels(FPVs)30/10/201701/01/2018 View
10CGHQ/LUB/ARC/09 /2016-17Rate Contract for Shell Sirius X SAE 4021/09/201620/09/2019 View
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