S.No.Tender No.TitleDate of openingDate of closingDownload
1GPR/TE/MS/10/17-18Invitation of Bids for Local purchage of Five Online UPS Units13/02/201823/02/2018 View
2CGHQ/TE/NS/5881/17-18Invitation of Bids for conclusion of rate contract for supply of Oil Spill Dispersant16/02/201822/03/2018 View
3DHQ-6/LP/RFP/ARN/38/17-18Invitation of Bids for Paints for Short Refit-18 ICGS Arnvesh13/02/201827/02/2018 View
4DHQ-6/LP/RFP/CLO/23/17-18Invitation of Bids for LP of Clothing store Items against NAC's09/02/201820/02/2018 View
5CGAE (BSR)/RFP/OE/83/17-18Invitation of Bids for procurement Electronic Display Board with USB & HDMI port09/02/201823/02/2018 View
6CGAE(BSR)/IT/LP/195/17-18Invitation of Bids for procurement of printer Cartridges08/02/201822/02/2018 View
73464/4 Invitation of Bids for yearly service rate contract for annual servicing of Life raft & HRU02/02/201822/02/2018 View
8GPR/TE/OE/01/17-18Invitation of Bids for Local Purchase of stationary items09/02/201819/02/2018 View
9GPR/TE/MS/01/17-18Invitation of Bids for Local Purchase of Sports Items09/02/201819/02/2018 View
10438/LP/216/17-18Invitation of Bids for Outsourcing of Data Entry Operator03/02/201826/02/2018 View
11D-3/STORE/192/16-17 Invitation of Bids for Rate Contract for Stitching of Uniforms.01/02/201827/02/2018 View
123469/2 Invitation of Bids for Rate Contract of Annual Under Water package and Waterjet routine of 06/02/201828/02/2018 View
13DHQ-6/21/MT/17-18Invitation of Bids for ARC for Hiring of Civil Transport for HQ,CGC(ES) and CGDHQ-630/01/201820/02/2018 View
14438/TECH/OE/36/17-18 Invitation of Bids for Fabrication of Customized Steel Modular Cabinets22/01/201820/02/2018 View
15ICGAS (CHN)/TECH/TE/MW/33 /17-18 Invitation of Bids for Concluding of AIAMC for Ground Support Euipment15/01/201820/02/2018 View
16CGHQ/LUB/ARC/09 /2016-17Rate Contract for Shell Sirius X SAE 4021/09/201620/09/2019 View
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