S.No.Tender No.TitleDate of openingDate of closingDownload
1CGAE (BSR)/OE/FAB/81/17 -18Invitation of Bids for Fabrication of T-Flags with Stands05/09/201726/09/2017 View
2CGAE(BSR)/LP/M&S/84/17-18Invitation of Bids for procurement of Safe 35" Light FBB(Godrej) for 73 sqn(CG)25/09/201704/10/2017 View
3CGAE(BSR)/OE/FAB/46/17-18Invitation of Bids for Fabrication of Sign Boards15/09/201703/10/2017 View
4CGASD/TE/MW/03/2017-18Invitation of Bids for AMC of Avaiation store, Dornier, Chetak and ALH aircraft at CGASD(GO20/09/201704/10/2017 View
53474/1RFIC of Short Refit(SR-17) of ICGS Ankit 15/09/201706/10/2017 View
63474/1Invitation of bids for Short Refit(SR-17) of ICGS Ankit15/09/201706/10/2017 View
7DHQ-6/RFP/06/GEN HIRE/17-18Invitation of Bids for Hiring of 01 no 1250 KVA Sound and Weather Proof Portable Shore Gene14/09/201726/09/2017 View
82662/10/3/TE/17-18Invitation of Bids for outsourcing of clerical services12/09/201702/10/2017 View
9CGHQ/TE/NS/5879/17-18Invitation of bids for e-procurement of General Services Life Jackets14/09/201726/10/2017 View
103485/17-18Invitation of bids for Short Refit(SR-17) of ICGS Arinjay 15 sep 11 oct15/09/201711/10/2017 View
113485/17-18RFIC of Short Refit(SR-17) of ICGS Arinjay15/09/201702/10/2017 View
12438/LOG/PS/97/17-18Invitation of Bids for Outsourcing of Catering, Housekeeping and Maintenance Services.07/09/201702/10/2017 View
13D-3/IT/AIAMC/17-18Invitation of Bids for AIAMC of IT Periferals07/09/201728/09/2017 View
14RHQ/LP/ARC/02/17-18 Invitation of Bids for ARC for the period of one year for Supply of Stationery Items04/09/201727/09/2017 View
15RHQ/LP/GEN/03/17-18/TE/20Invitation of Bids for ARC for the period of one year for Supply of Cleaning Gears & Hygien01/09/201702/10/2017 View
16CGHQ/LUB/ARC/06/2017-18Rate Contract with M/s Indian oil corporation Ltd. for Procurement of LUB Oil Servomesh SP 08/09/201709/10/2017 View
17AA/0602/lPS dated 29 Aug 17EOI for Infrastructure Protection system for ICG Air Station Daman.29/08/201729/09/2017 View
18CGHQ/TE/NS/5878/2017-18Invitation of Bids for ARC for E-Procurement of Various Types of Ropes18/08/201703/10/2017 View
19CGHQ/LUB/ARC/09 /2016-17Rate Contract for Shell Sirius X SAE 4021/09/201620/09/2019 View
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