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Literacy is the most basic currency of the knowledge economy. CGWWA has been waging a war against illiteracy. It aims for a hundred percent literacy level within the Coast Guard community. Towards this end, it conducts adult literacy classes, which target those wives from rural areas who have not had the opportunity of a formal education. Saksharta also conducts spoken English classes and basic computer classes. Workshops, visits and lectures on topics of general interest and awareness like computer literacy, money investment and savings schemes, etc., also come within the purview of the Saksharta scheme. CGWWA encourages and acknowledges children who perform exceptionally well in senior classes.


Activities Undertaken by Saksharta are as follows : -


ð  Computer Literacy


ð  General Awareness


ð  Acknowledging and Appreciating outstanding talents in children


ð  Providing Remedial classes for students


ð  Aiming at Overall Development


Choose Your Own Path


In order to make maths fun for students, Literacy committee, Daman, shared a video in February ‘22 , on “Ways to encourage your child to enjoy Mathematics” by Mrs Shweta Vishwanath .Online career guidance webinar on the topic ‘Choose Your Own Path’ was arranged for students from VIII to XII, by Ms. Neepa Shah. The session was organized by RHQ(W).

Painting Competition


A Painting competition on the theme “Restart Life - Back to School” was held at Kochi, in the month of April ‘22.


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