Mrs. Vidya Sheoran
President Tatrakshika Region (A & N)


It is a great honour and privilege to assume this immense responsibility to reach out to the Tatrakshika Family and indeed I take this opportunity to express my warm greetings to each and every member of Tatrakshika. Through this website, the extent of our reach and activities would spread across the Nation and promote a feeling of oneness.
Associations such as ours, constantly help members to get acquainted with each other and be like an extended family all the time. The enthusiasm and active participation of the members have greatly contributed towards the positive transformation in the lives of the needy within our reach.
I wish and make earnest appeal to all to encourage participation to bring meaningful improvement and change within and around. I wish all members fruitful interaction and achievements in the days to come. Let’s celebrate our past and look for future.


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