Mrs. Neela Pathania
President Tatrakshika Region (West)


It is with absolute humility that I accept the prestigious appointment of the President Tatrakshika (West). As the Regional President Tatrakshika (West), I render my sincere greetings to all Tatrakshikas of the Western Region.
Tatrakshika’s support to our men in discharge of their untiring service to the nation is well-known. My whole-hearted endeavour would be the welfare of the families, consolidation of core family values, financial independence and assured assistance whenever and wherever required. I specially call upon the younger Tatrakshikas to come forward with a sense of pride and ownership to project/showcase their varied talents and expertise.
I would also like to emphasis that proper education to our children is an investment and need of the day. We must endeavour to provide them quality education and this is our responsibility and moral obligation towards them. I am confident that with our concerted efforts we can mould them into responsible citizens and also bring positive changes within our family and inturn to the community.
I sincerely request your continued support, as has always been in the past,and contribute by way of valuable suggestions and whole hearted participation in various activities planned. I assure you that we will all work collectively as a team for the betterment of the lives of families of this Region.
Jai Hind

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