S.No.Tender No.TitleDate of openingDate of closingDownload
1D6/RFP/LP/09/17-18 Invitation of Bids for supply of Naval Store items for ICGS Arnvesh15/06/201729/06/2017 View
2113/ICGS(D)Corrigendum ICGS Delhi RFP No. 113/ICGS(D) Security dated 29 May 1722/06/201723/06/2017 View
3CGAE(BSR)/IT/30/16-17Invitation of Bids for Procurement of Printer Cartridges16/06/201730/06/2017 View
4ICGS (D) / CON / 100/5 Invitation of Bids for Conservancy and Area Maintenance Services at CGHQ21/06/201704/07/2017 View
51370/17-18Invitation of bids for Outsourcing of Data Entry Operators and Multi Tasking Staff15/06/201729/06/2017 View
6113/ICGS(D) SecurityCorrigendum to Tender Enquiry no. 113/ICGS(D) Security dated 29 May 1715/06/201723/06/2017 View
7KND/RFP/Store/438/2017-18Invitation of Bids for Outsourcing of Conservency and Cleaning of CG Assests05/06/201703/07/2017 View
8AS-ATM/0110/Aircraft Refueller/RGInvitation of bids for procurement of 02 Nos Aircraft Refueller(4KL) each14/06/201705/07/2017 View
9KND/RFP/LPT/15/17-18Invitation of bids for supply of oil Separator 05/06/201727/06/2017 View
10KND/RFP/M&S/12/17-18/C-430Invitation of Bids for supply of Battery maintenance free 12V, 160 AH.05/06/201727/06/2017 View
11SPD/LP/343/17-18Invitation of Bids for supply of Detector Board & Processor Board PCB30/05/201730/06/2017 View
12113/ICGS(D)/SecurityInvitation of Bids for Outsourcing/Hiring of security arrangements for Coast Guard assets.29/05/201723/06/2017 View
13CGS(D)/MT/1/ARC/2017-18& 18-19Invitation of Bids for Contract for hiring of MT Vehicles28/05/201723/06/2017 View
14CGHQ/LUB/ARC/09 /2016-17Rate Contract for Shell Sirius X SAE 4021/09/201620/09/2019 View
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